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Description:   Perki is a Wiki system featuring categories, "featured" documents, user management with a number of permissions, and document versioning with handy diffs between versions. Lightweight but versatile, it can solve a variety of information-sharing needs.

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Oversized Document Parser ODPdom is a simple non-validating DOM (Document Object Model)parser written in C++.It can handle relatively large XML files with the size in order of n*10 MB (pro file).ODPdom provides a SWIG-generated interface to Python.

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IHE open source This project holds an implementation of the Cross-Enterprise Document Sharing (XDS) profile as defined by IHE ( It includes implementations of both the Document Registry and Document Repository actors.

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Perl Adduser Purpose: This program makes it much easier to add users to the system in the case where different things need to happen in many different places. Example: Users are added to the yp database which resides on the NIS server. The user's home direct

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